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When you need chimney repair in Ligonier, PA, Latrobe, PA, and surrounding areas contact Tri County Chimney Service. Our business in Johnstown, PA, is proud to provide chimney repair, cleaning, and more to residents throughout Westmoreland County, PA. We have many years of experience working with insurance companies and understand how to file claims on many chimney-related problems. Let us know how we may help you in Ligonier, Latrobe, and surrounding areas. Contact Tri County Chimney for a free estimate on chimney repair services and more at (814) 266-5367.

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Chimney Cleaning and Inspections for Ligonier, PA

Chimneys give homes in Ligonier, PA, and surrounding areas classic charm. The chimney protects your family from dangerous gases produced in a fireplace by carrying them through the flue to the outside atmosphere. Chimneys protect you from dangerous gases from wood stoves and furnaces, as well. Let Tri County Chimney Service help you enjoy your fireplace in Ligonier without having to worry about toxic gases or flue fires with professional and experienced chimney cleaning services. We recommend cleaning your chimney at least once a year to get rid of creosote build-up in the flue. This material is flammable and can cause flue fires that can spread to other areas of the home. Protect your home and your family in Ligonier today, with thorough chimney sweeping from Tri County Chimney Service.

Protecting Chimneys in Latrobe, PA, with a Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

Crumbling bricks on chimneys in Latrobe, PA could be evidence of a moisture problem in the masonry. Tri County Chimney Service has a solution to this for homeowners in Latrobe, PA and surrounding areas. Call us to install stainless steel chimney caps. Installing a cap protects your chimney from rain, snowfall, leaves, and more. It prevents excessive moisture from damaging the internal structure of the masonry. It will also keep animals and leaves out of your chimney in Latrobe, PA, so call us today.

Chimney Liners Protect Homes Fire Hazards and Toxic Gases

Tri County Chimney Service is a professional installer of chimney liners in Ligonier, PA, Latrobe, PA, and surrounding areas. Our chimney liners create a barrier that protects the masonry from the corrosive flue gases created from combustion. Liners also contain the heat in the flue, and stop heat from transferring to other areas of the home. Once Tri County Chimney Service finishes with installing a chimney liner, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe.

Contact Tri County Chimney Service for professional chimney repair in Ligonier, PA and Latrobe, PA today.