Serving: Johnstown, PA and Surrounding Areas

Chimney Caps in Johnstown and Central PA
by Tri County Chimney Service

Professional Stainless Steel
Chimney Cap Installation

Does your chimney have missing mortar between bricks or is there moisture in the attic area? Perhaps the face of the bricks appears to be flaking off. These are signs of a moisture problem, and there is a remedy with the installation of our stainless steel chimney rain caps. Without a chimney cap from Tri County Chimney Service, your chimney is just like an open bucket. It absorbs rain and snowfall, and in turn the chimney becomes wet. Moisture in the masonry can go through freeze and thaw cycles that can cause damage to the entire structure of the chimney. 

Tri County Chimney can design chimney caps to perfectly fit the top area to deflect water and more. For more information about installing a chimney cap on your Central PA home, call us today at (814) 266-5367.

Keeps Animal, Debris, and Weather Out with a Chimney Cap

When animals get into the flue of a chimney, they can cause damage and block the air flow. While Tri County Chimney Service can repair damage caused by animals in the flue and masonry, we know that homeowners prefer to prevent the damage altogether. Installing a stainless steel chimney cap can help keep animals out of your flue, and can prevent things like leaves from blowing into your chimney and blocking things up. Chimney caps are also great at preventing moisture from rain, snow, and ice from entering your flue and damaging the masonry inside. To keep unwanted animals, debris, and weather out of the chimney, we recommend installing a stainless steel cap to the top.

Chimney Caps Offer Year-Round Benefits for Area Homeowners

Protecting your chimney and fireplace from the outside elements is crucial to making sure it is a well-operating system. Things such as rain, leaves, and animals in a chimney can affect its function, and potentially cause damage to the whole structure. Often times, older chimneys do not have caps, and homeowners do not realize their benefits. Adding a chimney cap keeps snow and rain out of the chimney, and prevents masonry problems caused by moisture. Many caps are available with grates or mesh to keep birds, squirrels, raccoons and other animals from making your chimney their home.

Chimney caps can also make it easier to light fires, reduce drafts, prevent chimney leaks, and keep smoke out of your home. Without a cap, precipitation goes straight into the flue and can cause damage that can be costly to repair. Chimney caps offer year-round protection even when you are not using your fireplace.