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Chimney Liner Installation
for Homes in Johnstown, PA

Professional Chimney Liner Installation
Protects Your Home and Family

Experiencing stains along the length of the chimney? Do you notice the wallpaper peeling? This occurs due to condensation occurring from a newly installed high-efficiency furnace. Chimney liners may be the solution to correct this problem. With a liner, you will not have to worry about tearing the chimney down and rebuilding it with a stainless steel chimney liner directly connected to the furnace.

Tri County Chimney has extensive experience with installing chimney liners for homes in the area. For over 30 years, we have installed over 3,000 chimney liners including aluminum varieties. Most chimney liner installations cost a fraction of what it would to rebuild. Experience peace of mind knowing most chimney liners have a lifetime warranty. We also specialize in chimney caps, chimney sweeping, chimney repairs, chimney consulting, and stonework. Contact Tri County Chimney Service for a free estimate at (814) 266-5367.

Liners Help Prevent the Transfer of Heat and Leaking of Toxic Gases

Tri County Chimney Service recommends liner installation or replacement to protect chimneys from the corrosive products of combustion. It also protects the house from heat transfer to other combustible materials. Without a chimney liner, there is nothing to stop gases from coming into contact with the brick and mortar. Since flue gases are acidic, the mortar joints start to erode over time. This makes the structure of the chimney less stable, and allows for heat to transfer more quickly to other combustibles. When the mortar erodes, it is easier for toxic gases to leak back into the home.

Metal Liners Protect Chimneys From the Products of Combustion

Tri County Chimney Service can install or replace stainless steel liners to protect chimneys from the products of combustion. The liners also help direct toxic gases to the outside air and provides a barrier from heat and acidic chemicals produced from a fire. 

Our stainless steel liners make chimneys safer. We can install liners to new or old chimneys. They are durable and work well with wood burning stoves and the central heating system of the home.