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Skilled Chimney Repair Services
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Professional Repair Services for
Johnstown and Central PA Chimneys

Chimneys in Johnstown, PA, and Central PA are more than just a bunch of bricks. They are a functional design element that provides airflow to fuel combustion, and draws dangerous smoke and chemicals out of your home. As hot air rises from a fireplace, it travels through the flue, which creates a draft that draws in more oxygen rich air in to keep the fire going. Chimneys are more complicated than they appear—some can even have an extra flue for a furnace heating system. Like anything else in the home, chimneys require regular inspection and cleaning. Tri County Chimney Service also recommends repair when needed or when problems start developing. While you might be able to do the repairs yourself, we recommend “safety first” by having a professional do it for you.

Contact Tri County Chimney Service at (814) 266-5367 for a free estimate. When you call, also ask us about installing chimney liners.

Masonry and Stonework Repairs Keep Your Chimney Standing Tall

When animals or moisture get into your chimney, they can cause a lot of damage. Moisture can mold and erode your masonry, and animals can scratch the stonework, destroy mortar, and cause other damage you may not be able to see. When you notice animals running into your flue or moisture running down your chimney, Tri County Chimney Service can help. We offer repairs for masonry, stonework, brickwork, and more to keep your chimney safe and standing tall. To prevent animals and moisture from entering your chimney, we recommend installing a stainless steel chimney cap.

Crown Repairs Help Prevent More Damage to the Chimney Structure

Having a cracked crown at the top of a chimney is serious and requires repair right away. The top of a chimney is horizontal in shape, and it is where pools of rain and snow can sit. When water seeps through the cracks, it can damage the masonry. Call Tri County Chimney Service to repair crown cracks to prevent damage to entire chimney structure.

Our crew makes repairs by removing the old mortar and adding a new layer. We also make crowns with a slight downgrade to prevent water from laying on the surface.

Flashing Repair Prevents Water Damage in the Home

Depend on Tri County Chimney Service when your chimney needs flashing repair and keep water from damaging your home. Flashing is a preventive, durable layer placed where the chimney meets the roofing material. Often made of copper, flashing prohibits water damage by directing roof water drainage to gutters and downspouts. Without proper flashing installation, damaged flashing can allow water to seep in which can cause leaking problems in your home.

Tri County Chimney Service can repair the flashing and make sure it tucks under the roof on one end and nestles against brick on the other.