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Chimney sweeping & masonry repair
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Inspections by Tri County Chimney
Services for Over 30 Years

Tri County Chimney in Johnstown, PA, is proud to provide chimney services to residents in Indiana, PA, since 1982. Our team offers inspections along with a full line of chimney services for Indiana-area homes such as chimney, cleaning, chimney liners, stainless steel rain caps, chimney consulting, stonework, chimney repair, brick pointing, masonry repair, and flashing repairs. Tri County Chimney Service has many years of experience working with insurance companies in the Indiana area, and we understand how to file claims on many chimney related problems. 

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Westmoreland County Residents Rely on Tri County Chimney Service For:

• Masonry Repair
• Stonework
• Brick Pointing
• Flashing Repairs
• And More!

We Recommend Annual Chimney
Cleaning for a Safer Indiana Home

The chimney protects your family in Indiana, PA, from dangerous gases produced in a fireplace by carrying them through the flue to the outside atmosphere. Chimneys also protect you from toxic gases from wood stoves and furnaces as well. Let Tri County Chimney Service help you enjoy your fireplace more without having to worry with professional and experienced chimney cleaning services. We recommend cleaning your chimney at least once a year to get rid of creosote buildup in the flue. Creosote residue can be flammable enough to cause flue fires that can spread to other areas of the home. Protect your home and your family in Indiana, PA, with thorough chimney sweeping from Tri County Chimney Service.

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Skilled Rain Cap Installation

Do you ever wonder why there is moisture in the attic of your Indiana-area home. Maybe there is mortar missing between bricks or the bricks are flaking off on the chimney. These are signs of a moisture problem often caused when the chimney takes on too much rain or snow. Tri County Chimney Service can fix this problem by installing a stainless steel rain caps to the chimney of your home. Without a rain cap, the chimney turns into a bucket that catches rain water and snow. When the water freezes and thaws throughout the seasons, it can cause damage to the mortar and bricks. Our crew can design chimney rain caps that cover the whole top area which will help prevent damage from occurring. Rain caps from Tri County Chimney Service also keep animals, birds and leaves from entering the chimney as well.

Liners Protect the Masonry and
Structure of Indiana-Area Chimneys

Tri County Chimney Service can install stainless steel liners to protect chimneys from the products of combustion. The liners also help direct toxic gases to the outside air and provides a barrier from heat and acidic chemicals produced from a fire. Our stainless steel liners make chimneys safer. We can install liners to new or old chimneys in Indiana, PA. They are durable and also work with wood burning stoves, and the central heating system of the home. Call us today!