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Tri County Chimney Service has called Johnstown, PA home since 1982, and offers quality chimney services to Cambria County-area homeowners. Our team offers a full line of chimney services for homes, such as chimney cleaning, chimney liners, stainless steel rain caps, chimney consulting, stonework, chimney repair, brick pointing, masonry repair, and flashing repairs. Tri County Chimney Service has over 30 years of experience working with insurance companies when chimney related issues happen in the Johnstown area. We use this experience to help homeowners file insurance claims to fix chimney related problems. 

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Offering a Variety of Quality Chimney Services in Cambria County:

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• Stonework
• Brick Pointing
• Flashing Repairs
• And More!

Homeowners Have Peace of Mind
While Using Fireplaces and Stoves

Chimneys do more for the home than homeowners realize. When using a fireplace, wood stove or furnace, the chimney carries smoke and gases out of the home. Over time, a buildup of creosote from the gases and smoke can form on the inside of the flue. This material is flammable and can cause flue fires that may spread to other areas of the home. Tri County Chimney Service recommends having a professional inspection and clean your chimney to get rid of the creosote.

Prevent Issues with Moisture with
Chimney Rain Caps

Rain and snow can damage chimneys on houses in Cambria County. If you notice the signs of moisture damage on your chimney, contact Tri County Chimney Service for professional rain cap installation. Without a rain cap, your chimney will take on all the rain and snowfall the Johnstown area receives. Moisture can seriously damage the masonry as it freezes and thaws. With a stainless steel rain cap, corrode, tarnish or rust while protecting the chimney from moisture damage. Tri County Chimney Service can design rain caps to fit any kind of chimney in the area. Another benefit is that it prevents any animals, birds, or leaves from entering the chimney.

Contact Us for Professional Chimney
Liner Installation in Cambria County

Tri County Chimney Service recommends liners to protect chimneys from the corrosive products of combustion. A chimney liner also protects the house from heat transfer to other combustible materials. Without a chimney liner, there is nothing to stop gases from coming into contact with the brick and mortar. Since flue gases are acidic, the mortar joints start to erode over time. This makes the structure of the chimney less stable, and allows for heat to transfer more quickly to other combustibles. When the mortar erodes, it is easier for toxic gases to leak back into the home. Speak with our professional today to schedule liner installation services for your home in Cambria County.